House of Yes

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A conceptual e-commerce experience.


Hello, we are House of Yes. We have a deep passion for vintage items with a soul and we have been hunting for & collecting unique artifacts since 2016. Driven by our love for extraordinary and iconic product design, we created the House of Yes movement. Our shop offers timeless pieces from the 20th century, taking everyday, functional items and repurposing them as beautiful design pieces. Each with a story worth sharing.

We believe these pieces still hold a place today and we aim to give them the recognition they deserve. With careful craftsmanship, we take into account their age and history to preserve their original charm and visible history. All our products are already in good condition. We envision these repurposed items being incorporated into homes, restaurants, cafes or office spaces. In doing this, we hope to reconnect our lives with an element of authenticity that seems to be missing today.