Gorilla Playlist

Art Direction


Gorilla is a movement designed to transform the experience of listening to music. It's about encountering the unexpected. Starting with mysterious billboards and Guerilla advertising polluting the city. These consist of codes that you can scan with your camera and discover hidden wonders of music. Gorilla expands into another level. After the playlist is recognized, it breaks into different genres with monthly featured artists.


A playlist so diverse attracts a wide range of listeners. Followers can create custom merchandise with codes to their favorite songs and/or playlists, creating a personal distinct style.


Another form of engagement is the Creators Club, where the influencer becomes the curator. Gorilla invites micro-influencers to mix genres creating playlists for their followers to engage with. They can also create special-edition merchandise to go along with their selected topics. 


Overtime, Gorilla becomes a movement designed to continuously expand, transforming the experience of listening to music.